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Primary Care Networks - Draft Service Specifications - Part 2!

The next few weeks will be crucial in determining the future of the seven service specifications and...

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Primary Care Networks - your draft service specifications have arrived!

Publication of the draft first five (of seven) service specifications.

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Business Planning in Your GP or Dental Practice

It is often said that a ship without a destination is adrift at sea. Likewise, setting a clear strat...

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Integrated Care Systems

With the Primary Care Networks (PCN) dominating the majority of our attention, little is known about...

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Primary Care Networks – Implementing the First Year National Entitlements

With the 30th June deadline firmly behind us, and with the basic infrastructure of individual Primar...

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Online consultation tools – improving primary care?

A reduction of practice workloads and more effective delivery are a central part of what will make g...

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NHS Pension

Is your NHS Pension record accurate? Are you sure?! We highlight a catalogue of errors with NHS Pension data - let's tal...

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