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A brave new world: HMRC goes digital

You may not know it but the way in which you interact with HMRC is about to change. Soon paper forms and statements, letters and face-to-face contact at enquiry centres and elsewhere will be a thing of the past as HMRC is going digital. Over the next few years HMRC will move all of its processes online, and seek to open new digital channels of communication as it strives to achieve its target of ‘digital by default’.

In many ways this is nothing new. Most people now complete their tax returns online, and rely on the HMRC website (or increasingly GOV.UK) for advice and guidance. However, this is a drop in the ocean when you consider that in 2012/13 HMRC sent out 200 million letters and received 70 million letters in return. By swapping paper for electronic forms, guidance and communications HMRC hope to cut costs and provide an improved service that is quicker and more secure, and which meets taxpayers’ expectations.

Significant changes to HMRC’s processes are expected in the next 12 months as new services for Self-Assessment taxpayers, taxpayers within PAYE, businesses and agents are all introduced; the intention in each case being to make it easier for taxpayers to manage their tax affairs and engage with HMRC where there is a problem. A good example is Your Tax Account for Business – a new digital service which will enable the UK’s 4.9m small businesses to manage all of their tax liabilities and obligations, obtain guidance and interact with HMRC from one place.

More improvements should follow in the medium term as HMRC is able to pre-populate forms and returns, saving taxpayers time and reducing the risk of error. How much easier will it be to complete your tax return when HMRC enter your salary details and details of bank interest received for you?

The increased use of electronic reminders should make it harder to miss deadlines and new tools, such as apps and webinars, should help taxpayers better understand their liabilities and obligations.

Clearly this will take time and ‘digital by default’ will not happen overnight. We at BW Medical Accountants will do our best to keep you informed and help you make sense of the changes. However, if there is one thing to take away from this it is that things are hanging nd you should expect to receive less paper from HMRC. From now on, best check your in-box as well as your letterbox.

Stephen Relf

Stephen Relf

Tax Consultant

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  • Very smooth changeover to BW, with good communication at all times. Very efficient in the production of the accounts (as promised) and the Partners are delighted with the advice received to date.

    Practice Manager
  • BW Medical Accountants have a good working knowledge of General Practice and are keenly aware of the challenges Practices face within the changing environment of the NHS.  Benfield Park have been very impressed by the way BW Medical continue to deliver the range of services they provide from Accounts to Tax and NHS Pension advice. 

    We have found Practice consultation and engagement from BW Medical specifically helpful to shape the future of the Practice.

    Senior Partner
    Benfield Park Medical Group, Newcastle
  • We had no hesitation in moving to BW Medical Accountants.  For any business your accountant is integral, and for us one of the most important factors to this relationship is to have a personal and trusting approach, which BW have undoubtedly achieved. 

    The service we receive and the interest they show in our practice assures us that they have a genuine interest in us and commitment to us.  More importantly they are always helpful and polite to answer even the dumbest of questions!  They give us confidence and reassurance knowing that they are always very up-to-date with all the numerous changes within general practice and we would have no hesitation in recommending them to other practices seeking a professional and personal accountancy service.

    Jackie Rotherham, Practice Manager
    The James Street Family Practice, Lincolnshire
  • We moved to BW Medical Accountants in 2013 and we are delighted that we have.  Having been in the same business for over 20 years it is important to have a relationship with the accountancy team but most importantly you need to have trust.  We made the decision to move our business to BW Medical Accountants and having worked with the Team especially Tina we are very satisfied.  Tina going through the accounts brought to our attention many things that I was not aware of in the past.  The first years' experience can only be described as excellent.

    Customer service is first and foremost with BW and this shines through as each and every one of them are approachable, helpful and most importantly understand and know the business.  General practice is complex and is going to get more complex in the coming years.  We need Accountants who truly understand our business. We as a practice and as individuals would certainly recommend BW Medical Accountants.

    Gloria Middleton, Managing Partner
    Westbourne Medical Group, Sunderland
  • We changed to BW Medical Accountants and I would say we have just had the most transparent and understandable end of year meeting and the best planning advice I have ever had in 16 years of practice.

    GP Partner

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