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Hope for Christmas - Our chance to give back.

This year in lieu of Christmas Cards / Corporate gifts, as a firm and as individuals we are supporti...

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Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Programme for 2019/20

Planning a successful flu vaccination campaign seems to be getting harder and harder. Lack of patien...

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GP Practice Sickness Leave Reimbursement Scheme

In April 2017, the requirements and payments relating to GP performers covering sickness leave were ...

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Quality Outcomes Framework – New Domain Indicators for 2019/20

The Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) is one of the biggest ‘pay for performance’ schemes in the ...

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Integrated Care Systems

With the Primary Care Networks (PCN) dominating the majority of our attention, little is known about...

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Primary Care Networks – Implementing the First Year National Entitlements

With the 30th June deadline firmly behind us, and with the basic infrastructure of individual Primar...

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NHS Pensions

Are you sleepwalking into oblivion?

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