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The importance of knowing your rights

When faced with a tax enquiry many people place their trust in HMRC, believing that the tax official...

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BW Medical Tax Specialist appointed to head up technical team at leading national tax body

A north east tax expert who works alongside Newcastle-based BW Medical Accountants has been appointe...

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Tax on lifetime gifts and on death

£3,000 annual exemption. Basics Generally, inheritance tax is due on death at a rate of 40 per cen...

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Capital Gains Tax - £10,900 tax-free gains

Taxing realised gains. Basics Ordinarily, each person is entitled to make a gain tax free up to £10...

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Self-assessment penalties: Will you be out of pocket?

The deadline for getting your 2012/13 tax return to HMRC, and paying any tax due, is 31 January. If ...

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Calling all Landlords

With the end of the tax year 2013/14 almost upon us, now is as good a time as any for landlords to s...

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NHS Pensions

Are you sleepwalking into oblivion?

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